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Set your PC to work while you're away

Have you ever wanted your computer to do something while you were away, but not wanted to leave it switched on all day? WakeupOnStandBy is a powerful tool that allows you to set a time for your computer to wake up, execute programs or files, and go back to sleep.

WakeupOnStandBy does not need installation, simply run it, set your time and tasks, and put your computer in standby or hibernation mode. Your machine will be woken up at the specified time, and do whatever it was set to do. For example, you could set it to open a bit torrent client to resume downloads. If your system has a number of user logins, give WakeupOnStandBy your password, and it will be able to wake up that particular login.

There is also the option to have this task repeated, which is great so you don't need to reprogram it for everyday tasks. For example, I set it to wake up before I start work and open iTunes, and that way my podcasts are all downloaded and ready to go when I arrive.

WakeupOnStandBy could be a little more user friendly, but it's easy enough to figure out. Also, at the moment you can only specify two tasks, and it seems strange to limit them, although it's still a really useful tool.

WakeupOnStandBy is a great little application that does it's job perfectly.


  • Lots of features
  • Free
  • Very useful


  • Will only perform two tasks
  • Could be simpler

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WakeupOnStandBy for PC

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